What Is Metabolism

how to raise metabolismHere at How To Raise Metabolism, I will answer this question. Not only will I answer this question for you, I will show you various techniques, and even foods to increase your metabolism. I constantly do research on this vital, physical factor. Ignoring ways to increase metabolism is careless, it can be the winning factor in obtaining the targeted weight you so desire. There are many misleading ads and programs that simply don’t tell you the whole truth about this natural process.

Okay, now that we (you and I) are clear on what the main purpose of this site will be – how to raise your metabolism – feel free to comment and ask questions! If you want to leave a comment – or ask a question – go to the Contact-Us page and fill out the form. There will also be a form at the end of each post I publish on this site. I will get back to you, I may even write a post on your specific question or comment.

What is metabolism? How do I increase my metabolism? What type of foods will give me a Hot Metabolism? These are all the questions that will be answered here. I will answer this first question on the page you are reading. I prefer to take time on each question to amply answer it. Knowing what metabolism is, and how to manipulate it, can be a life changer. You will find the answers to other questions within the following post on this site. You can find a list of the post on the right side of this page.

All of us have one! What I mean, is that we all have a metabolism. The how to raise metabolismblessed ones have a natural high metabolism they were born with. All of us are born with blessings, some are born with great voices, others great eyesight, our blessings can be any number of things. I say this to emphasize the point that having a naturally low metabolism doesn’t have to be the reason for being overweight, however, it can cause a struggle to lose weight and keep it off. When I mention weight, I am talking about fat loss! If those with the low metabolism are willing to make some changes, they too, can achieve their targeted weight.

Before asking how to raise metabolism, understand what metabolism is. Metabolism explained, is simply how our bodies burn calories we ingest at the supper table, or wherever else we might eat. Those with the mentioned high metabolic rate will naturally burn more calories. The all important question is why?

When we eat, our bodies go through several functions we simply have no control over.  Our natural makeup will determine metabolism if we don’t manipulate it. The food we ingest are broken down by chemical reactions that allow our bodies to use this food for survival. I am not talking about over eating. The amount of calories we can eat and burn depends on our physical build and our metabolic rate. If you are one of those that have over eaten and gained weight, this also can be fixed with the information I will be sharing within this website’s posts.

Your physical build is the natural bone structure you were born with. These include, short or tall with big bones, short or tall with a smaller bone structure, and of course everything in between! You also will need to take into consideration, the genetic makeup that will give some more muscle mass naturally. Muscle to fat ratio is one of the subjects I will discuss in an additional post. The main point here is that each individual has to be honest with their self as to where their body type would fit! This said, be realistic on exactly where your target weight should be. As I said, we will take a look at the muscle to fat ratio and talk more specifically on cellular and tissue types of individuals in further post.

The word metabolism is used to define the chemical process within living organisms and has two major processes, catabolism and anabolism. The simple way to explain these are as follows: Catabolism is the breaking down, and Anabolism is the construction, on the cellular level.

If you truly want to know how to raise metabolism, you can find the answers here. The learning process will not be quick with easy reading.  Keep in mind, learning how to manipulate or raise metabolism, will give you lasting results. If you want to look the best you can, keep soaking up the information I will provide and build your own fat burning furnace!

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